An Emergency Call to Prayer For Christian Leaders in the UK
11am – 4pm Saturday 28th February 2009 Emmanuel Christian Centre, Marsham Street, London SW1P 3DW

When a nation is in trouble it is right for leaders to call the people to prayer. Our nation is in trouble – more than most people are aware. In December 2008, 80 leaders from churches, politics and business, who are concerned about the state of our nation met in the House of Lords to seek what God is saying to us today about our nation. Those present agreed that:
* The current financial situation is primarily the result of the pursuit of moral choices and values that do not accord with the word of God
* God is calling all churches in Britain torepentance and a season of prayer and fasting for the nation
* The Christian church should reach out to those who are already suffering as a result of the present financial crisis
The United Kingdom, once a missionary powerhouse of the world, is now morally and spiritually bankrupt and our children are left without security, stability or hope. We believe, however, that it is still possible for this nation to be turned around if we turn to God in repentance trusting in His mercy.
The House of Lords meeting is sending out this call to mobilise Christians across the land for prayer and action. You are invited to join in a special day of prayer to bring the national situation before the Lord for his guidance in these troubled times.

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