Christians and Capitalists

Professor Philip Booth Catholicism and Capitalism, ‘Faith Matters’ lectures Westminster Cathedral Hall, Ambrosden Avenue, London SW1, 18th March 7.00pm

The Catholic Church has never supported socialism and has often spoken against the excesses of welfare states. However, the Church has never been totally comfortable with capitalism either – and certainly not with the materialism which some argue is encouraged by capitalism. Indeed, individual bishops, priests and laity have often been at the forefront of arguing strongly for government intervention in the economy both in the UK and internationally. At a time when the premises of economic liberalism are being questioned due to the financial and economic crisis, we should ask whether Catholics should feel comfortable with capitalism? Do the economic problems surrounding the financial crisis change the arguments? And can a market economy deal with the grave challenges of environment problems and extreme poverty?

There is plenty of downloadable discussion of Christian economic thought by Philip Booth and others at the Institute for Economic Affairs