Covenant and Hope in the human future

Conversion, Covenant and Hope in the human future: New Frontiers in Jewish and Christian Thought

Van Leer Institute Jerusalem 13-14 February 2011

Is it desirable for gentiles to convert to Judaism? Is there a place for Christianity and Christians in the covenant between God and the Jewish people? On what basis can Jews and Christians hope for a better future between them and for the world?

This International Conference is co-sponsored by The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute and the Institute for Theological Inquiry (ITI) of the Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation (CJCUC) in Efrat. It centers around the original research project of ITI scholars on the topics of ?Covenant, Mission and Relation to the Other? and ?Hope and Responsibility for the Human Future.? As the capital of the Jewish people, the birthplace of Christianity and the locus of so much international religious conflict, Jerusalem is the ideal venue for discussions of conversion, interreligious relations and hope for the future of civilization.

Apparently we are going to be live-streamed to the world. So if you have any questions about civilisation or about the human future, just ask.

Secularism and Justice

The Tyndale Kirby Laing Institute of Christian Ethics is co-hosting two day conferences
Responding to Secularism: Christian Witness in a Dogmatic Public Culture 24 April 2009, Tyndale House, Cambridge – a day conference on mission and contemporary culture with the Gospel and Our Culture Network

Dr Dominic Erdozain (King’s College, London) on the growth of secularity in modern British culture
Prof John Stackhouse (Regent College, Vancouver) on public engagement in a secularised culture
Rev Dr Andrew Kirk (formerly University of Birmingham) on Charles Taylor’s A Secular Age
Dr Elaine Storkey (TEAR Fund) on responding to the secularist worldview

Justice: Rights and Wrongs. A Colloquium with Prof Nicholas Wolterstorff May 21-22 2009 Christ Church, Oxford with the McDonald Centre for Theology, Ethics and Public Life

Prof Onora O’Neill (British Academy; Philosophy)
Prof Roger Crisp (Oxford; Philosophy)
Prof Timothy Endicott (Oxford; Law)
Prof Julian Rivers (Bristol, Law) (former KLICE Advisory Council Chair)
Dr Bernd Wannenwetsch (McDonald Centre; Theology)
Dr John Perry (McDonald Centre; Theology)

Life together

Fertility and Faith – A day conference, with talks, Q&A and panel discussion, on fertility, infertility, marriage and love
Saturday 21st February from 10am in the Catholic Chaplaincy, Oxford

Fertility and Faith: An introduction – Fr Tim Finigan (Founder, Association of Priests for the Gospel of Life)
Marriage and Meaning – Anthony McCarthy (Research Fellow, Linacre Centre for Healthcare Ethics)
Natural Fertility: Practical Approaches – Ira Winter (Life FertilityCare Coordinator)

Seeking Truth: Science, Mystery and Human Identity

The Battle for Truth, God and the Universe, Stories of Evolution, Body and Soul
Four Public Dialogues in St Paul’s Cathedral
Tuesday 7, 14, 21, 28 October 6.30 – 8.00pm

Nancy Cartwright
Nicholas Lash
John Milbank
Roger Trigg
David Burrell
Frances Young
Steve Jones
Alister McGrath
John Polkinghorne
Keith Ward
Robert Winston

I might pop along to hear David Burrell – he might have something to say about truth, mystery and human identity.


The Society for the Study of Christian Ethics 2008 2008 Annual Conference is 5th-7th September at Westcott House, Cambridge. The conference theme is The Sermon on the Mount

Rt Hon John Battle – MP, Leeds, Former Faith Advisor to the Prime Minister

Richard Bauckham – Professor Emeritus of New Testament, University of St Andrews

Carolyn Muessig – Senior Lecturer in Medieval Theology, University of Bristol

Oliver O’Donovan – Professor of Christian Ethics and Practical Theology, Edinburgh University

Susan Parsons – President, Society Study of Christian Ethics, Editor, Studies in Christian Ethics

Glen Stassen – Lewis B. Smedes Professor of Christian Ethics, Fuller Theological Seminary

John Owen conference

A conference on the theology of John Owen

Westminster College
Cambridge, UK
19–22 August 2008

Willem van Asselt
Utrecht University, Holland

Stephen R Holmes
St Mary’s College, University of St Andrews, UK

Michael S Horton
Westminster Seminary, California, USA

George Hunsinger
Princeton Theological Seminary, New Jersey, USA

Kelly M Kapic
Covenant College, Georgia, USA

Suzanne MacDonald
Calvin College, Grand Rapids, USA

Sebastian Rehnman
Johannelunds Theological Seminary, Sweden

Alan Spence
United Reformed Church, London, UK

Carl R Trueman
Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, USA

Further details at John Owen Today and a booking forms from