Christian blood for the Saudis

Christian blood for the Saudis

Sister Hatune is an Aramaic-speaking nun from Turkey. Speaking to an audience in Austria, she tells us what she has been told by the families of those who have been taken prisoner, held to ransom, and killed in Syria. She shows one video in which a man named Joseph, a Christian from Bagdad, is murdered by having his throat cut. He is told that he is being killed as a sacrifice to God. On the audio you can hear the sound of the blood gushing from Joseph’s severed throat into a large enamel basin, which you can also briefly glimpse.
Sister Hatune then tells us that she met one of the killers who, out of disgust, had later given up Jihad and become a Christian. She asked him, What do you do with the blood you collect?’
He said ‘That is a big business. Little bottles are sent to the fanatics in Saudi Arabia, where it is worth $100,000.’
They believe that that when they wash their hands with this blood, they have taken part in this killing as a sacrifice to God. Their God demands this sacrifice of humans. The Jihadis make a good business out of supplying Christian blood.
Video of Sister Hatune
The murder is at 4.54, the remark about selling blood at 6.10

Taki’s Christmas message

Taki Theodoracopulos is a Greek. Like all his countrymen, he is very aware of the horrors in the lands to the East, and of the pernicious political ideology that prevents them from being civilised to one another or to anyone else. And he is not inclined to hold back from pointing out how appalling these people are to Christians.

Turkey and Saudi Arabia – fuggedaboutit where Christians are concerned. What I don’t understand is how we—Americans and Europeans—can sit comfortably in our ivory towers and dispense wealth to these crappy countries while their leaders and religious fanatics persecute people who believe in our Lord Jesus. Once upon a time Saudi Arabia’s Mecca and Medina had a thriving Christian and Jewish population. But centuries ago, when a single gunboat could have forced the camel drivers to lick our boots and keep licking them until the last Jew or Christian was safe, they were finished off. In Lebanon, the West’s hypocrisy is even more blatant. A Christian majority is so threatened by Sunni (read Saudi) fanatics, some Christians are reaching out to Hezbollah’s Shia in a desperate hunt for allies.

Tolerance in Islam is unthinkable. Just count the Christian churches in Saudi Arabia. Jihad is Islam, nothing more nothing less. The Saudi rulers fund terrorism in order to be allowed to keep drinking whiskey behind the walls of their palaces…
Just think of Jesus. He descended among men to show them what their true nature was. He wanted to be a model of a man, what we should strive for. His father made men free in order for them to be willing followers, not fearful slaves. Now think of Allah—or better, don’t. Consider his followers: intolerant and fanatical. A proselytizing Muslim preacher cannot teach why one must obey Allah since any claim of understanding him is a sacrilege. He can only demand blind obedience. And Muslims have been killing and enslaving Christians since the days of Mohammed. Syria and Palestine in 633, Egypt by 642, Greece and Serbia in the 1300s, Constantinople in 1453, and now more than ever in the land of the Bible.