What is the Prosperity Gospel?

Michael Spenser is concerned that the Chinese church is vulnerable to the ‘Prosperity Gospel’

The Prosperity Gospelâ?¦.

A) is the presumption that God wants us to be rich.

B) is the assumption that the blessings of the Gospel are a guarantee of material and financial blessings now. (The mediation of Jesus makes all blessing possible, but it does not guarantee wealth or health, etc.)

C) is a denial and replacement of the true meaning of â??give us this day our daily bread.â??

D) is the replacement of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ as taught in the New Testament with a method that causes God to bestow material and financial blessings on anyone who uses the method.

Why does the Prosperity Gospel appeal to American Christians?

a) American Christians are focused on money as a symbol of the â??good life.â??
b) American Christians tend to focus on God as a problem solver above any other role.
c) American Christians have a strong preference for legalism and transactionalism.

Cultural factors cause some groups of the historically poor and economically disenfranchised to be very open the the Prosperity message.

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