Slave Club

What is the purpose of Slave Club? The purpose of Slave Club is to prevent anyone escaping Slave Club. The power of Slave Club is the fervour of its slaves. It is every slave’s job to keep everyone else enslaved. Slave loyalty means that no one can be allowed to leave. They all live in fear that someone will escape. If anyone does, it will show that escape is possible, and the power of Slave Club will be broken. But they don’t believe that there is any life for them outside Slave Club. They make their threats in public and in daylight. Six times daily they get into line and murmur ‘Death to those not in the line’. Each demands this demonstration of loyalty from his neighbours just so he can feel sure of the power of Slave Club. If anyone escapes the rest will not know what to do. They fear that they will not even know who they are. If anyone ever did escape Slave Club it would prove the truth that the club is not compulsory. It would show that there is life outside the club. The fear sends them wild. What motivates Slave Club? Fear! What fear is this? Fear of Freedom!
If you are outside Slave Club, you are free. If you are free you are an offence and an enemy of Slave Club. You are proof of the falsity of Slave Club. You are an existential threat to those who impose Slave Club on each other. You show that the power of compulsion that they believe that they are under, is false. Your freedom shows that Slave Club is fear without reason. That’s why you are the one they hate. Obey and conform, they bellow. Your independence of mind must be such a burden to you, they say. Lay it down. Only do as we do, and all will be good. How they hate it when their fear doesn’t work on you. You show that they don’t have to do or to be what Slave Club says. You show that Slave Club is nothing beyond a state of mind, the product of the weak. Your laughter alone can save them