Everyone’s situation is different, but overal this looks like an especially treacherous bear market, made doubly difficult by the actions of the Treasury and the Fed in bankrolling malinvestment, imbalances and corrupted price discovery. When in doubt, get out. Don’t get hooked by greed. This rally ‘could’ have some legs if it becomes a determined effort to reflate the credit bubble supported by the power of the Treasury and the Fed, as we saw in 2003-6, which was a reckless and disgraceful abuse of the Fed’s economic responsibilities. We doubt they can do it again, but never underestimate the power of greed and fear over memory and prudence….
Today reminds me of the briefly sunny period in 1930-1 when most economists and public officials agreed that the Depression was already over and the economy was back on track. President Hoover dismissed a delegation of businessmen who came to Washington with ideas on stabilizing the economy with “Too late gentlemen, the slump is over.” There are few things from my childhood that I remember more vividly than grandmother’s comments regarding this false recovery. “If we knew what was coming, we would have killed ourselves.” This from as strong a person as I have ever encountered, with a faith that would break rocks. The Great Depression left an indelible mark, or more accurately scar, on her entire family, and my father’s as well. And I never heard the name “Franklin Roosevelt” from her lips without it being preceded by “God bless” followed by “he saved my family.” Not all of her children unfortunately. She said she cried so much and so often that she was never able to cry again. And she did not, even at the end.
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