Christology from London

Person of christ

The Person of Christ is a product of King’s College London – before the glory departed. Here is what T & T Clark says about it:

Understanding the Person of Christ affects our understanding of all Christian theology. All ten contributors to this volume share a commitment to the orthodox theological tradition in Christology as expressed in the creedal heritage of the Christian church, and seek to explicate the continuing coherence and importance of that theological tradition. The book’s ten essays cover such topics as prolegomena to Christology, the incarnation, the person and nature of Christ, the communicatio idiomatum, the baptism of Christ, the redemptive work of Christ, the ascended Christ, and New Testament Christology, and offers critical engagements with such diverse theologians as John Calvin, Charles Williams and John Zizioulas. The contributors, all leading academics, include: John Webster, Richard Burridge, Robert Jenson, Stephen Holmes, Douglas Farrow, Brian Horne, Murray, Douglas Knight, Sandra Fach, Christoph Schwoebel.

More great work from Kings is appearing in November and spring of next year, five volumes that I know of, among them Colin Gunton’s Lectures on Karl Barth, so the old place is enjoying a great afterlife. Friends will find advance notice of Alan Spence’s The Promise of Peace: A Unified Theory of Atonement at T & T Clark, but for the rest of you I am saving Alan for my ‘theology in London’ series (for which I’d welcome suggestions for candidates).